Germaine De Capuccini Facials

SynergyAge Aox clinical peel £45.50 neutralises the action of free radicals, stimulates collagen and elastin, strengthens capillary walls diffuses high colour, works against photo-ageing, safe formula without side effects, improves skin texture.

B- Calm £40.50 soothes sensitive skin, relives itchiness or burning uncomfortable feeling, reduces redness and irritation, treats rosacea.

Time expert Rides Collagen £60.50 increases collagen and elastin production, stimulates cell growth to prevent further wrinkles appearing, inhibits facial micro-tension, fills in lines and. Wrinkles from deep within the skin

Hydracure £60.50 intense hydration, retains moisture, ideal for seasonal changes and for skin undergoing extreme stress, improves appearance of dehydration and fine lines, provides smooth comfort.

Pure Expert £55.50 oily skin purified and more mattified, normal/combination skin becomes smoother, more supple and radiant, extracts blackheads and whiteheads, reduces size of pores.

Royal Jelly £55.50 maintain healthy strong skin, prevents ailments associated with stress such as breakouts, dry patches or sensitivity, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, strengthens skin.

Time expert Vit C+ £70.00 vitality for dull skin, corrects first signs of ageing, increases collagen levels improves firmness, fights effects of glycation, illuminating and reduces hyperpigmentation.

10% off course of 3 of any of the above
15% off course of 4 of any of the above

Time Expert Lift £75.50 restores firmness and lifts features, filling in action to volumizes the skin, tightens skin, redefines the facial oval.

Time Expert Lift course of 5 £325


Diamond head dermabrasion helps to regain a healthy glow, reduces sun damage, blotchiness and scars, improves tone, refines lines and wrinkles, exfoliates outer layer of the skin.

Single treatment £40
Course of 6 £200
Course of 10 £360
Dermabrasion area £25

Dermalift non- surgical face lift, a safe and pain free microcurrent facial treatment. A non-surgical, non-invasive procedure where the facial muscles and skin are given an electrical workout stimulating muscle tone increasing production of collagen and elastin, two essential proteins needed for the skin to remain youthful and glowing. ATP is increased (adenosine triphosphate, the chemical fuel of human cells). This allows the muscles to stay in their re-educated lifted position for longer periods of time.

Single treatment £40
Course of 10 £350
Lip and eyes £27
Lip and eyes course of 6 £130

Dermmalift and dermabrasion combined £66

Dermaplanning, an exfoliating treatment that gently scrapes away dead skin cells and takes away the peach fuzz making the skin feel baby soft, helps give you a smooth foundation application all without having to use harsh exfoliators. Products will penetrate better gives a slightly brighter-looking skin.

Single treatment £40.50
Two treatments £70


Bikini wax £9.00
Chin wax £6.50
Casvagas £18
Back/chest wax from £19
Facial wax from £8.50
Full arm wax £18
Full leg wax £23
Full leg wax with bikini wax £25
Half leg wax £10
Lip wax £6.50
Lip & chin wax £9.00
Pontecarlo £25
Underarm wax £7.50


Eyebrow wax £7.50
Eyebrow tint £7
Eyebrow wax and tint £12.50
Eyelash tint £8.50
Eyebrow wax,eyebrow tint,eyelash tint £18.50
Henna brow £20
Classic eyelash extensions £35
Hybrid eyelash extensions £40
Eyelash top ups £20
Eyelash removal £5
Eyelash lift £30
Eyelash lift with tint £35


Manicure with strengthner or varnish £19
Luxury manicure £25
Manicure with cuccio vaneer £25
Cuccio application only £15.50


Peducre with varnish or strengthner £22
Luxury pedicure £30
Pedicure with cuccio vaneer £28
Cuccio application only £15.50


Manicure and pedicure with varnish or strengthner £35
Manicure and pedicure with cuccio £43
Cuccio application only both hands and feet £25
Cuccio removal including file, buff and oil treatment £8
French paint extra £4 for varnish extra £5 for cuccio


Hair removal using sterex disposable needles & diathermy current
10 minutes £10.00
15 mins £15.00
30 mins £28.00
Course of 6 x 10 mins £50


Red vein removal price on application
Skin tag removal price on application
Wart removal price on application
Hopi ear candling £20


Full body massage incl. face and neck £45
Full body massage £40
Back massage £22
Hotstone body massage £45
Hotstone back massage £25
Indian head massage £25
Look better naked £38


St Tropez full body cream tan £25
Sienna X full body spray tan £20
Top up within 7 days £12

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